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Monday, June 1, 2009

Force-some awesome-ness

Ok, so this may be out of character for me since it involves a triple whammy of vehicles, minifigs, and Star Wars. But I do appreciate any Lego creations that are done with humor and style. And Legorevolution heaps on both in spades here, with this pair of FLIPPIN' SWEET hover cars! I mean, who doesn't appreciate a killer set of wheels (even without the wheels)?

First up, this totally gangsta ride is called the El Bamferado Airpseeder, after its proud owner Lord Bamfness (the alter ego that Mace Windu adopted after faking his own death in Episode III to avoid felony charges). Here he is cruisin' with his possy while enjoying 'purple death sticks'...

The detailing here is exquisite: Gold plated bodywork, intricate dashboard, luxuriant reclining leather seats, and even the mandatory fluffy dice! With C3PO's head as a hood ornmament nicely finishing off the piece...

But wait, there's more!

Next up is Obi Wan's own Bull Rancor Airspeeder. This naaasty beasty is themed after the Rancor from Episode VI, and even appears to feature Rancor body parts:

Again note the lovely detailing of the dashboard and flight controls, the stylish interior, and tricked out (droid powered!) engines. No-one's gonna mess Obi Wan while he's in this MoFo!

Check out Legorevolution's full set of pictures for more juicy closeup shots and hilarious back story behind the characters and vehicles.

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