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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Clash of the titans

If this year's MOC Olympics contest proves anything, it's that the mind of an artist is kind of like an orange: shiny and impenitrible, but if you apply enough pressure, wonderful things will squirt out! Just watch your eye, that's all.

A perfect example of this was the recent "battle" between Lego builders Kevin Fedde and Steef de Prouw. And by "battle" I mean "MOC build-off" and not a literal battle, which in the case of two AFOLs would simply translate to "un-entertaining slap fight".

So in the medium blue corner we have Kevin "Crimson Wolf" Fedde, who thinks college sucks (isn't that the point?), while in the transparent black corner we have Steef "Steef" de Prouw, who for no particular reason I am assuming loves tulips, Edam, clogs, windmills, rising sea levels, and the East India Company.

Kevin Fedde chose to recreate a picture of a Lotus flower using a Lego adaptation of the 'cracked glass' mosaic technique, which was both unexpected and pretty darned original...

Steef de Prouw on the other hand, stuck with a more familiar Lego mosaic technique, but chose to honor a masterpiece by his 'homey' Vermeer...

What's really cool about both these entries is that neither builder had any mosaic experience prior to this, yet in creating these mosaics, they both managed to artistically re-interpret the original material in a fresh and interesting way. Massive kudos to both of you guys!

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