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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Do pass "Go", do collect 200 posts!

Today saw my 200th post for The Living Brick! Yee-haw! Cue marching band and bicentennial fireworks...

(...courtesy of the artful sam(us))

Now let's roll out Gerald Ford for a rousing speech. Oh wait, he's dead. Can we get Zombie Gerald Ford? Oh, apparently he's booked on Kimmel tonight. Ok, erm, cue Miley Cyrus in a Lincoln hat? "Four score and like, whatever, minutes ago..."

200 posts in 276 days works out at about 5 posts every 7 days (phew!). Many thanks to OchreBot for covering for me during my summer vacation to keep the momentum going! May he rust in peace.

And I'd also like to take this opportunity to give a tip-of-the-hat to the Lego Widow and litte Lego Orphans that I assume reside somewhere in this building, although I have no idea of their names, grade levels, or exact whereabouts.

Oo, oo, I have website stats...

...I seriously have to resist doing a Sally Field speech here, as I gaze back out of the screen at all you very patient and charitable readers. "You tolerate me. You really, really tolerate me!" ;-)

Oo, oo, more stats...

So now I've offended both halves of the planet's internet-using population (including myself presumably, which makes it ok?), I shall bid you all good night...

But not before I give a HUGE shout out to all the talented and tireless Lego builders out there who's creations have actually made this blog possible, and perhaps made my insane ramblings just that *bit* more swallowable. THANKYOU, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!


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  1. Congratulations! In blog time, you've outlasted 90% of sites out there. ;-)

    Seriously, it's great to have a unique blog like yours posting great stuff on a regular basis.