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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brick-or-treat += 3

And so for the second time this week, I ended my day with a 1 hour scrub down to remove my Halloween costume. Which turned into something resembling a sick mashup of the shower scenes from Psycho and Carrie! Still, it was worth it for the 100s of hours of future child psychotherapy inflicted on all the young children in my community.

So I figured, why not turn things around a bit for today (in the 2 minutes that remain of Halloween) and instead of showing Halloween-themed Lego models, I'd show some Lego-themed Halloween costumes. And for some reason, I seemed to gravitate to ones that portray the suffering of mini-figs!

Lego zombie costume via dead zebra inc

Glascow zombie walk by coolcatcookie

Malevolent jack-o-orange by The Metal One

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Brick-or-treat += 2

Yeah, Mini-land is cool and all, but its soooooo 2002, ya know? Thankfully the immensely talented Legohaulic has brought Halloween-themed Lego screaming back into 2009 with these killer CubeDudes of a some well-known movie, erm, killers!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brick-or-treat ++

Here's another excellent suite of Mini-land scale Halloween characters from years past, this time by k-hatch. I think these models are incredible - as good as anything you'd ever expect to see at Legoland itself! They don't even need labelling, they are just so glycerine stilt bonanza!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Warning: Rather predictable seasonal focus alert!

Yes, Halloween is almost upon us, so I thought I'd recognize this with a series of great Lego abominations from past Halloweens.

Tonight it's a set from last year by monsterbrick, called Universal Monsters. These are probably my favorite Halloween MOCs of all time!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Open 24 hours

...well, sort of, thanks to this nifty neon-style Lego alphabet by O-SAWA.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Instantly Recognizable

...is feedback I've been fortunate enough to recieve on several of my feeble Lego creations, including a couple just in the past few days. For me, it means "mission accomplished". But it seems to have been popping all over the place recently!

Therefore, I am officially retiring this phrase from active use in the Lego community, effective immediately. <sound of gavel hitting bench>

Going forward, commenters must use only anagrams of this phrase.

To get you all started, here are some suggestions...

"Tantalizingly Obscener"
"Onscreen Glitz Banality"
"Crying Neonatal Blitzes"
"Bolting Insect Analyzer"
"Glycerine Stilt Bonanza"
"Born Analyzing Testicle "
"Balancing Size Rottenly"
"Botanically Resting Zen"
"Tyrannical Giblet Zones"
"Catalyzes Goblin Intern"
"Inorganically Bent Zest"
"Celebrating Zany Tonsil"

Oh my god, is my nose REALLY that big?!

...and what's up with that ACCENT? Ugh. And when did I get OLD for crying out loud?!

Many humble thanks to Joe Meno (SeƱor Brickjournal) for giving me this opportunity to share the joy of my geekdom during BrickCon 2009. He's a fab guy and I think we're fighting for the same cause, and he's probably reading this so let me just mention that he's also really charming and generous and handsome and his publication is a blessing on the AFOL community!

We shot this about 9am Sunday morning, by which time everyone was pretty darn exhausted from the prior 3 days and 5000 punters. Fortunately this was the 2nd complete take, so I was half way coherent at least! I'm not going to mention what happened to the first take. From Joe's lens to God's ears...

Watching yourself on film is wierd. Margaret Thatcher once told Parliament we had to "starve terrorists of the oxygen of publicity". I think she might have been talking about AFOLs too. And probably D&D players. And engineers.

Which just about makes me public enemy #1.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I am standing on a chair as I write this

I love rodents. I love everything about them. From their adorable pink noses, to their need to eat their own faeces in order to extract all the nutrients, right down to lovely sound they make when they make contact with the tennis racket. Thwump. Thirty love!

LusOlympics entry by "naneto"

It's like a whole other world or something

Filip Johannes Felberg has been steadily churning out Lego facsimiles of creatures from the Nintendo game Pikmin, as part of his grand opus, the "Piklopedia" project.

I'm not familiar with the game, so I have no idea what these cute little creatures are, but they are all quite jolly in their own way, what with their funny names like "Smoky Progg", "Withering Blowhog" and "Hermit Crawmad". Its almost enough to make me want to play one of these new fangled "video games". Naahhh, ain't happenin'.