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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Prawn cocktail

Over the summer I finally got around to watching the movie District 9, and really digged it. I know it's a bit messagey, and yes we all get it: if you don't throw away your leftover seafood, it'll evolve to the point where it wears bras, and this is a bad thing (that was the message, right?).

Last year Adrian Florea made a fantasic large sculpture of one of the movie's alien "prawn" characters (one of the best character MOCs I've seen in a long time). But as excellent as it was, Adrian's version lacked "playability", due to its size.

So hat's off to Âtin for coming up with these handy-dandy little minifig scale prawns, complete with fetching color-coded feminine support garments...

Let the oppression begin!

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