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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You know, for varmints

Ok you cotton pickin' varmints, prepare to have your eyeballs blown to smithereeeens, courtesy of Annie Diment, aka Mrs Monster, or more specifically the person that Lego Monster might refer to as "her indoors".

(...hey Ed, no fair, why can't all AFOLs have AFOL wives, you must live in total geeky Lego bliss! Mrs Jelly is more of the rolling-pin-swinging type when it comes to my Lego obsession...)

I'm assuming this fellow needs no introduction...

There are so many little touches and clever sculpting that make this rendition so faithful to the original character, that I cannot list them all. You should just take a closer look. Where do I begin? The outline of the eyes, the entire hat, the six-shooters, the textured beard, the large ears, the list goes on.

Definitely worthy of 5 Golden Hawkings!

...making it my first 5GH award of the year!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bricks by the Bay, 2 weeks away!

Bricks by the Bay, a brand new Lego convention and the first of its kind in Northern California, begins on April 9th in Fremont. I urge anyone within the sound of my voice who lives in the Sunshine State, or any part of the West coast for that matter, to register now for 3 days of Lego fun! Or failing that, at least come to the public exhibition on Sunday the 11th.

All the usual Lego themes will be well represented (space, castle, train, existential poetry, beige, etc, etc). Plus, Tommy Williamson and I are hosting a new category, probably a first for any Lego con, called Bricks of Character. This will focus on Lego models of well known and loved characters from film, television, and even the real world.

As with any Lego con, there will be awards for the best creations on display. Awards under the Bricks of Character category will include Most Funniest, Most Dramatical and Most Realisticness. Plus some extra little surprises we've cooked up. But sadly no awards for good grammar! And there will be some rather fantastic trophies, so if you wanna test your metal, get building!

And because I am a gigantic one-upper, I'll be bringing along a brand new creation, put together just for this event, with a suitably Californian theme. So without further ado (or should that be "adude"?) I give you Arnifornia!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Four legged friends

Clearly its waaaaaay past the Chinese New Year for this to be even remotely topical any more, but Taiwanese builder lixia_1982 just posted this a nice set of traditional dragon and lion dance costumes, even managing to accomplish this at mini-fig scale too (complete with mini-fig scale operators!).

People typically mistake the lion costumes for dragons. The trick is to count the legs - yes, a lion has four of them (two operators), while a dragon has none (because it can fly). The lions are actually a LOT scarier (esp. if you are a small child) since they tend to run up to the crowd, rear themselves up and flutter their eyelids menacingly!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

I got da blues

I have huge respect for the Blue Man Group, so much so that I'm seriously considering shaving my head, painting myself blue, and running around the office with a length of drain pipe next Halloween.

So I was suitably impressed by this amazingly detailed and authentic (albeit minifig scale) recreation of an entire BMG concert, wacky custom instruments and all, by Japanese builder Wabisabi (who coincidentally took the bronze for this entry in the 2010 ClickBrick model contest).


Friday, March 19, 2010

My, my!

At the risk of this blog becoming stereotyped as the Lego Chibi blog, here are some great versions of the main characters from a new-ish Japanese animated movie called "Mai Mai Miracle" (website, blog).

This creation was actually the work of "Edge" over at the Lego System website, as an entry in the 2010 ClickBrick model contest that I mentioned the other day.

From the trailer, the movie (which echoes the style and sentiments of Hayao Miyazaki's work) looks smashing. Just a shame it will probably never emerge in an English language version any time soon (weeps). Fortunately we just got the Ponyo DVD at our house, so that will have to suffice for the time being!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good things come in small packages

It's March, which means the daffodils are sprouting, small furry animals are considering whether to start getting their groove on, and Toyko Lego store Clickbrick is holding its 8th annual model building contest.

As you probably recall from last year's coverage, the main rule of this contest is that every creation must fit inside a 16x16x30cm space, or about the size of a standard Japanese public toilet.

Pictures of this year's 5 winning entries have appeared on Japanese fan site Lego System (レゴ系). In my opinion, at least 3 of these are basically little more than mini-fig cluster fucks, although some aspects of Wabisabi's Nodame Orchestra are quite interesting.

Fortunately the judges have managed to retain some shred of credibility by placing Sachiko Akinaga in the top 5, with her Animal Musicians creation. You were robbed, my dear!

As usual, I will reveal my personal picks from the non-winning entries once Sachiko has posted photos of them all. In the meantime, here is a look at her entry, which imho should have won, because I think she's finally figured out how to turn the Lego cuteness dial all the way up to 11!

By an amazing coindicence, Sachiko has modeled this cat playing an accordian in exactly the same way that my cat doesn't.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Although I don't get why you're all calling him 'Saint' Patrick. His correct title, as of this year, is Sir Patrick. Got it? Sir Patrick. Of Borg. Make it so!

Patrick Stewart by Angcube MacDude

...although I would imagine its only a matter of time before he achieves a Sainthood. After all, he is a national bloody treasure, darlings! :D

(I have to share a birthday with the entire Irish nation, so you won't find no feckin' leprechauns here, to be sure! Isn't this blog green enough already, to be sure? Ok, take your stupid green beer and piss off back to the pub, to be sure, to be sure)

UPDATE: My mother just phoned to wish me a happy birthday and informed me that I have Irish ancestors. And French ancestors. Agh! This seems like a good time to go and lose myself in a pint of Guinness, or possibly a chocolate croissant...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dead meat

Brazilian builder Mauricio Vollu (who as far as I know is the only person who produces Lego instructions in the form of stop-motion animations!) has managed to create a convincing dinosaur skeleton, which I expect is a lot harder to do than it looks...


Friday, March 12, 2010

Me so horny

I don't whether Austrian builder Stefan (2x4) is doing this as a one-off, or whether an entire zoo is coming. I'm hoping its the latter!

Look, it even has a cute puggly tail...

...just make sure you're Lego jeep has power functions in case you wander too close!

This model kinda nicely complements Tim Goddard's Hippo, built at about the same scale.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Secret hideaway - revealed!

Thanks to some detective work by readers of The Brothers Brick (some other small Lego blog, I've never heard of it), the otherwise anonymous creator of this awesome diorama called "Lab 21" has been identified as Jörg Kempe. I know if I'd created this, I'd certainly be carving that fact in sky-writing!

The combination of ambient lighting and in-model lighting really brings this tropical paradise to life!

And if you're wondering why its called "Lab 21"...

...it's like something right out of a Bond movie. Funny how the super villains always manage to pick fantastic locations for their evil lairs, isn't it?! While the good guys languish in some dreadful pit of a government building on the South bank, firing wrist-darts at portraits of the Queen and such. Sometimes you have to root for the bad guys, because at least they know where to find a decent real estate agent or interior decorator!

One microscopic leap for mankind

I'm a secret microscale fan, well secret right up that last comma. And we see lot of really cool Sci-Fi space ships done in microscale. So it kind of makes a nice change to see a few 'real' space ships done at this scale too. As a child of the golden age of NASA, I'd love to see more stuff like this...

Freedom Seven by masterchief1

Lunar Lander by legosamurai


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You know, for mermaids...

Matti (aka MaTn), a Belgian TFOL, created a mini-fig Atlantis scene which for me would be otherwise completely forgettable, if it were not for this excellent sunken statue of Neptune (or Posiedon, its all Greek to me)...

Hmmm, now I wonder if Belgian TFOLs like Belgian WFOLs for breakfast? Hah! Sorry, that's your humor ration for the day - don't you know there's a recession on!

Monday, March 8, 2010

How's the weather up there?

William Costumers (aka hermanblume), who's intricate 3D rendition of the map from The Hobbit was previously featured on this blog, has done it again with this new microcosm called Home Sweet Home.

As with his Hobbit map, this scene is full of 'explorable' little nooks and crannies with fun little details to discover (check out the interior of the house, and also the secret mountain hideout). As I browse the plethora of images of this landscape, I find myself getting 'lost' inside it, which I suspect was its creator's intent!

One of my favorite touches though, is the cloud layer in the mountain tops...

This Lego comes with its own flipping weather system? Sweet!


...by Barney Main (aka SlyOwl).

Discuss. :-)

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Spanish Inquisition of the Sky

This model of a Northern Cardinal by Philip Stark (aka erdbeereis) is one of the most 'anotomically correct' animals MOCs I've seen in a while - the species is unmistakable.

Of course, the Cardinal is too weedy to make it over the Rocky Mountains, so over here on the West coast we have to make do with its distant blue relative the Steller's Jay.

The two species are pretty easy to tell apart: the jays are the ones with tiny REI fleece jackets, tiny pony tails, and tiny double-short no-whip extra decaf non-fat mocha-frappa-kappa-delta-phi chai lattes with a twist of salmon. While the cardinals are the ones with some ludicrous accent, probably.

You know, for breakfast (lunch) (dinner)...

I have to wonder if Australian builder I Scream Clone just built what was sitting in front of him at the time. I've seen quite a few Lego McDonalds, and most of them are as bland as the real thing, but this work, with all the accurate colors and little details (eg. onion ring!) is just a calorie-laden artery-busting burgstravaganza!

Contrary to popular belief, Australia is actually one of the most civilized nations on the planet. As evidenced by this beauty I spied in Melbourne recently <sheds a tear of joy>.

And like its culture (which, as you would imagine, consists primarily of Peking opera, poetry recitals, and croquet), Australian food is also very advanced. Fried egg, undercooked chips, and beer are a legal requirement of every meal. At least, that's what top scholars believe, since no-one has ever managed to decipher their language.

(...hey, it could happen! They managed to make voting a legal requirement, why not boozing?)

And by the way, Kangeroo curry is the best! (I kid you not!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh I gotta get me one of these!

It would certainly be an improvement over the upsidedown apple crate that I am sitting on right now. Jonathan Derksen has created a fully functional recliner out of Lego. A live demonstration is the only way to appreciate this. Actually, being Jack Stone is probably the only way to really appreciate this, since it's not actually life size (boooooo!).


You'll get your reward in heaven...

...unless your an athiest, of course. In which case you're just going to burn in hell. Except that you don't believe in hell either, so everything cancels out, right?! Ok, so you're going to burn in Richard Dawkin's laundry basket instead. Don't worry - I'll save you a good spot.

Anyway, the bizarrely named legocitymad brings us this adorable choir of angels...

Heavenly! I particularly like the way the trumpet player is going cross-eyed.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thar she b-l-o-w-s!

In my opinion, this entry for the Jolly Roger contest by Skalldyr blows the other entries away, quite literally!

Aside from all the lovely little details here, the portrayal of the storm action using the tree, the bell, the signal fire, and a giant crashing wave is simply excellent!

Crabby patty

Matt De Lanoy (aka Pepa Quin) brings us his interpretation of the "Zerg" drone from Starcraft II. The use of troll arms, troll swords and croissants is quite inventive, but I love the color scheme - just about all my favorite colors there!

And it compares very faithfully to the original...

Hmmm. I think I'll just order the salad, thanks!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy kitties

I covered the very happy staring Chibi creations of Japanese builder Pero a while back, specifically the girl band with Gothy fan chicks and also some other big haired girls.

This time we've migrated to the equally staring and happy animal kingdom, with Nontan and her sidekick Tartan, who are characters from a series of Japanese storybooks. Their enemy is a pig. If and when Pero does the pig, I am sure it will be staring, and happy too.


Monsters Ink

I am legally obligated to post any MOC that contains a giant squid. Aww, and this one is so cute, too! But don't get too close, or he'll munch on your little submersible like the tasty lemon gumball that it is...

Chance Encounter in The Deep by Paul Meissner (aka legosamurai)


These are not the things dreams are made of

The fact that these characters by Chinese builder Michael Lau are based on a cute cartoon strip from the Hong Kong free newspaper AM730 doesn't (imho) make them any less terrifying...

Monday, March 1, 2010

These are the things dreams are made of

As the 2010 MOC-Athalon rages on (in seeming defiance of the 2010 Winter Olympics!) some interesting builds are surfacing, but I particularly enjoyed this one called "Lightmare" by Alex Fojtik from team Praeclari Miles. (..."the noble warriors"? My Latin is a little rusty. Either that or the Jesuits beat it all out of me!).

Apart from the lovely bodywork and action Alex managed to create at this scale, I loved the peculiar back story he invented to explain the habits of this bizarre alien species, part of which involves racing around their homeworld chasing the sunset, and restoring their energy on mushrooms - presumably the same variety that inspired this!