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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nothing's quenchier!

Well, tonight the kids reached into their Happy Meal boxes and pulled out a pair of Kataras. Which means the new live-action big-screen Shamalama-ding-dong adaptation of Avatar The Last Airbender is almost upon us. Minus the part of the title that would make people expect blue aliens.

In just 24 hours audiences across the US will, depending on whether they followed the original TV show, either be feeling somewhat shortchanged or just completely miss the point altogether. The excitement and optimism are at maximum levels in this household, I can tell you! ;-)

Just to add an additional bittersweet tinge to the entire event, here is Okay Yaramanoglu's version of Appa, just to remind us how that whole Avatar/Lego flop should have turned out!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Wasp the matter you, HEY!"

Wow, has it really been almost 2 weeks since I last posted anything? I'm not sure if its because I've been building madly for BrickCon, or because everyone else has been building madly and not bothered to post anything that caught my fancy.

Because it certainly isn't because I'm out enjoying all this great summer weather that we're not having, grrrrrr!

Fortunately Lino Martins was able to take a break from taking the piss out of crap British motor cars to create this beautiful 'anatomically correct' Yellowjacket. Ok, anatomically correct if you ignore that it's large enough to sting off your face and make off with an entire steak. Or child. To say nothing of that fact that there is some little alien dude in there flying the thing!

While wasps are one of my least favorite insects, I do derive a lot of pleasure hunting them with rolled up newspapers and watching my daughter run screaming any time one comes within ten feet of her. But given the delay in summer's arrival here in Seattle, I almost miss those little blighters now!

Although if this thing showed up and made a play for my barbequed goodies, I'd probably be reaching for a rolled up carpet.

Hey Lino, two words: Reliant Robin! ;-)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet zombie Jesus!

As if I didn't have enough reasons already to be in awe of Andrew Lee, he seems to have achieved the impossible now, with CubeDude versions of the cast of Futurama!

At this point the logical thing to do would be to begin with a tirade of hilarious quotes from the show. But that would be too easy (thanks to Google).

So instead, I encourage everyone within the sound of my voice to start pestering Andrew to make all the characters from the show. Pester him like an unwelcome swarm of owls - until he develops an eating disorder!

UPDATE: Andrew appears to be answering the call! Here's Roberto, aka "Stabby"...



Filed under the category of amazingly-cool-and-popular-overseas-manga-that-you've-probably-never-heard-of, Death Note is an, er, amazingly cool manga series that is very popular overseas but that you've probably never heard of.

Johnny Tang knows what I'm talking about, judging by his nice renditions of some of the characters (including the idolic but slightly suicidal Misa, no relation to the soup, who he makes sure looks good from every angle)

The original series was adapted as both anime (watch it now on Hulu) and multiple live-action movies, that went almost entirely unscreened in the US, probably because US cinemas instinctively gag on anything unclassifiable (...not sure how The Host managed to make it through that filter!).

But fear not lovers of all things mainstream, for in their infinite wisdom, Warner Bros plans to render this material into a fine pulp, for regurgitation as a high-fructose, audience-friendly form for Western cinema audiences next year! Yay for originality!

I'm sure it'll be much more successful than typical US "conversion jobs". Because at least this time they're not stealing from the British.!

"Hello, WB? Yes, I'd like you to send me pictures of all your executives, so I can write their names in this little notebook I've got. For no particular reason whatsoever. Thankyou.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sock it to me!

Alex Eylar (aka Profound Whatever) seems to be on fire at the moment, with a stream of great MOCs, including this excellent facsimile of that inexplicably enjoyable toy Rock'em Sock'em Robots, which I naturally assumed he'd have been too young to know about, but it actually turns out they didn't all spontaneously combust right after the last episode of Starsky and Hutch aired. Who knew? Personally I blame the Carter administration.

...I guess you could say this game was violent, but since the victims were robots, which aren't actually real, that is a bit like saying it's racist to call a Vulcan a non-feeling green-blooded hobgoblin, right? Completely harmless. After all, what exactly are those pointy-eared bastards going to do about it anyway? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You know, for kids (!?!)

Hey kids, David Haliski reminds you to "just say no" to unhealthly addictive habits (such as tobacco, meth, crack cocaine, McDonalds, television, politics, religion and self abuse ...in that order).

Unless they're made from ABS in which case never mind, just enjoy...

Ironically, burning and inhaling this version would be considerably less dangerous than the real thing probably.

Btw, no-one show this to the Philip Morris company. They've been looking for new ways to market to kids for years, and this might start giving them ideas!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heroic acts

Mariann Asanuma (aka Model Gal, author of Model Building Secrets) invited her brothers over to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend play with all of her Lego. And this is what they produced!

...proving once again that Lego is essentially an artistic material like any other. Apparently their latent prowess with the brick stems from them being professional model makers down in LA.

Mariann, you should get them to give up their fancy showbiz jobs building giant hotdogs or whatever ...and get them to work for you instead!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Less is moose

There are elements among the Lego fan community that believe, unfortunately, that "bigger is better". I have come to the conclusion this is either just a 'colonial' thing (case in point: Texas), or the result of paying too much heed to the ADHD generation (case in point: Nickelodeon), or an assumption that there is nothing more to aspire to beyond the hallowed gates of Shangri-Legoland.

In any case, while Shaddix bravely fights for minifig haters everywhere, I shall continue to bang away on the "small is beautiful" drum. Until the day that I am inevitably, and ironically, crushed to death by a 1:1 replica of Mount Rushmore built entirely from Primo bricks to the sound of a crowd of a thousand pointing 1st-graders singing Randy Newman's "Short People".

But until that final journey up Washington's left nostril, I shall continue to raise my magnifying glass and enjoy un-large creations such as May Midifig Madness by Gaelen Mibeck (aka MooseTech) ...a new mostly-brick-built 'midifig' every day of May.

Below are my favorites. Most of them are tyrannical giblet zones so I'll provide alternate captions, just to confuse and disorient you!

Saint Mary and the Sweetbabyjesus

Oh noes, Hayloz!

The Colgate alien

Avatar 1980, The Original Series



Did you see 6 guys dressed like me just come this way?


Grunt, in Space

French tart

Come back here, and I'll bite your legs off!

Mine's a pint of Guinness, once we're done with this Orc horde...

Eat it now, or I will fucking disintegrate you, you glorified dustbin!

So remember folks, like your prom date told you, its not size of your equipment that counts. It's what you do with it. And where you put it. And how you photograph it. Ok, I'll stop now, this is bringing back bad memories... ;-)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swell scene

...literally! The ocean in this "massively microscale" landscape scene is not flat. It is actually curved and undulating. Yet it meshes perfectly with the rocky cliffs of the coast line.

Carbuncle Island by evhh

Under the shadow of an enormous volcano, two outriggers search for a spot to land in the natural harbor. Looks like they'll have a pretty tough clime up to that tree line, though!