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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The doctor will see you now...

Every Halloween, the basement of the historic Freighthouse Square shopping complex in Tacoma plays host to the lavish Black Lake Asylum haunted house.

This year though, Freighthouse occupants City Blocks (run by LEGO certified professional Dan Parker) are getting in on the act too, with this deliciously dark collection of miniland scale scenes based on the Asylum's "medical experiment" theme.

Many thanks to Bill Ward for his diligent camera work here!

...how awesome was that?! I mean, when was the last time you saw a miniland figure having his entire skin pulled off? Very, very creative stuff. Of course it all just reminds me of the movie The Hostel, which I was forced to watch recently <shudder>. I thoroughly recommend you avoid that one. Just rent Mary Poppins instead. Trust me...

Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lego Stephen Hawking = Zombie Jesus

...because no matter what I do, he just won't seem to die, at least not for very long anyway. And now, spookily for Halloween, there have been a strange series of LSH-esque events, all occurring at once. I would say it was a vergence in The Force, except that would mean that Lucas was right about something, which would just be too scary to contemplate.

Spooky Event 1: LSH is worshipped as his own religion
Ok, I take the blame fully for this one. I just needed a new presentation for LSH at BrickCon, that would be the photographic negative of last year's "Hawking Radiation", which went totally over everybody's heads!

Spooky Event 2: LSH has his DNA reverse engineered
Clearly the tireless efforts of some very devoted fool, who then promptly dropped off the face of the Earth, leaving me free to completely steal his work and claim it as my own MWUHAHAH! Ah well, so much for my evil plan to make a fortune mass producing these things.

Spooky Event 3: Most Mysterious of All
LSH has now been recreated in a lesser Lego medium! The Chief is up to no good again, I've no idea what yet, but I suspect cudedudes are making a comeback (did they ever go away?). Very creepy. And it talks.

Spooky Event 4: Hawk-o-lantern!
Probably the coolest LSH tribute that I can recall, not counting the various lame Facebook fan pages, is this pumpkin carving by Brandon Chasteen. Awesome job, man - I wish I had the skills to carve a pumpkin so that it looks like anything but the Elephant Man in a microwave!

And there it is. One minute LSH is deader than MySpace. The next minute he's got his own PR agency. Tsk.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"No sprinkles! For every sprinkle I find, I shall kill you."

Great humor knows no boundaries. And completely off-the-chart, violent, irreverant, politically-incorrect, crude humor basically takes those boundaries, rolls them into a neat little ball, dips them in wasabi and shoves them right up it's own ass.

Such is the case with one of my favorite TV shows, Family Guy. And this version of the show's adoribly psychopathic baby Stewie by Carlos Mendez is just perfect. Especially because of it's excessive use of the all new tan cheese slopes (want!).

I've been toying with the idea of doing Family Guy for ages, so was very excited (and kinda relieved) that Carlos beat me to it. These characters work very well at his scale (much like his Bender and Nibbler that I covered a while back). But no tan cheese slopes! For every tan cheese slope I find, I shall kill you...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The force is strong with this one

When it comes to Star™ Wars™ based CubeDudes™, Larry Lars basically wrote the book on this well worn franchise-meme crossover. But once again he has successfully thrust the defib paddles of creativity onto the quivering nipples of... Ok, I don't think my colorful analogies are really helping here. I'll just leave you with his eye-feast epic-NPU entry for the CubeDude Vigs Contest over at FBTB.

Oh, and two reasons why you should not bother trying to read the rules for this contest...

(a) While not really that complex, they seem to have confused the hec out of several respondents, which makes me suspect they are laced with some kind of sub-liminal mindwashing messages.

(b) I predict Larry is going to win this hands down.

Actually, I suspect (a) is just some natural causal correlation. Today in a mall I actually saw a kid wearing a Boba Fett mask doing Darth Vader breathing. It was just about the funniest thing I have seen all year.

A bit of a stretch

Tom Goddard (aka roguebantha_1138) decided to "have a go at miniland scale", and this was the result... A textbook explanation for why there are no prairie giraffes!

I would never have imagined anyone attempting a giraffe at this scale, due to their complicated patterning, but I think he pulled it off. Nice job, Tim. Now do a leopard!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fright of the Valkyrie

Here's yet another fine example of what's possible when you push the envelope with minifigs. Cade Roster (aka Apocalust) created this very imposing version of Brynhildr...

While Cade admits this model came about sort of by accident, he also promises to show us some further Wagnerian characters, that presumably will get made completely not by accident (so probably by some combination of luck, happenstance, and kismet).

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something stinks out here

The scientific community tells us that in order for humanity to establish successful permanent bases on other planets, we'll need to figure out how to utilize the available raw materials on those worlds.

"Big Daddy" Nelson took this idea to heart when constructing his latest moonbase module...

I mean, if you think about it, it's completely logical. Except of course that it's common knowledge that the moon is actually made of Gorgonzola ;-)

Monday, October 18, 2010

A horse is a horse, of course of course

I wouldn't be so down on Minifigs if people were a bit more creative with them. Which is where Belgian builder Gaetano Dooms (aka TanoTrooper) comes in, with his excellent TTFigs, which he uses to create some very historically accurate military displays.

But I guess Gaetano got tired of seeing his poor TTFigs shlepping around the battlefield on foot, and decided they needed some transport. And so, after over a year of careful research and design, he produced... the TTHorse!

The TTHorse had to meet some very stringent criteria: It had to be articulated for creating various natural poses; it had to accomodate a TTFig in a realistic way (legs askance, thankyouverymuch); oh, and it had to look like a horse (...of course!).

And I must say the result is pretty sweet, allowing Gaetano to add a whole new dimension to his battle dioramas...

And if that weren't cool enough, Gaetano even goes into excruciating detail to show you how to build your own TTHorse, with plenty of examples to get your creative juices flowing!

So to all you castle/historical/western builders out there, I challenge you to throw those hideous all-in-one official Lego horse bricks in the trash, pull the stumpy legs off all your figs, study up on the TTFig and TTHorse, and create some bitchin' scenes! Don't make me get there first!

And I might even send a little prize to the first person that can adapt this to create a decent "TTCentaur"! :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shopping trip

Flickr user Shippou (七寶) recently shot some great pictures of a public Lego display at the gigantic Harbour City shopping center in Hong Kong. The two pieces that really caught my eye were this pair of Peking Opera figures and aerial view pond thingy...


Saturday, October 16, 2010


Thanks to this wonderfully executed, and well presented, set of figures by Thomas Oechsner, I totally know what I'm going as for Halloween this year!

In the words of the Blue Man Group themselves: "                               "

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What the Who?

Ok, I'm declaring the worldwide Lego Doctor Who fan meme officially over, dead, done deal, and the outright universal winner is Andrew Summersgill (aka Doctor Sinister) for this creation. Best TARDIS design, best subtle cross-Atlantic-entertainment-snobbery humor, and it doesn't even need a Doctor fig!

"Beam me up, Scotty!" (hahahahahahahaha, I don't even care any more)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

BrickCon 2010 trip report - Part 4 of 4

...yes, like that classic Chris Nolan movie that doesn't involve dreams within dreams, I shall be presenting my BrickCon 2010 trip report in reverse. It's simply the only way that makes sense.

Almost exactly very slightly over 1 week ago, BrickCon 2010 ended. Well, ended for me at least. For the many lucky AFOLs that had for forsight to avoid the curse of 4 hours of display tear-down, there were any number of sumptuous after-parties, where Steve Witt would be giving everyone back rubs and bear hugs, while Gary McIntire handed out non-production colored bricks probably.

I say probably because I was the one who, either through a complete lack of forward planning, a lack of sense of urgency, or the exhaustive haze of the prior 4 days, found himself still packing away his belongings and bagging up his bricks long after everyone else (and most of the furniture) had left the building.

But alone, I was not! A few stalwart buddies hung out to keep me company. Ok, they probably stuck around just to mock me while waiting for their limos to arrive. But in a funny way, it was a much nicer way to tease a few precious moments from the tail end of yet another wonderful BrickCon experience. Much better than simply packing your bags and waving at people as you run to catch your ride. Because, as always with these things, it's the people you meet at these events that make it worth the time and energy <choke!>

So I will wrap up this last of my 4-part trip report, as I prepare to write the first 3 parts, with some shout outs to all my AFOL peeps! God, let's hope this doesn't devolve into some bizarre mixture of roasting and weeping...

And before I start, to anyone who I forget to mention below, please forgive me, don't snub me at the next SeaLUG meeting, or send me poo in the mail. Because if I don't remember you, then you simply weren't that important to me, right? ;-)

(...it's been a long weekend, you can probably tell)

Justin and Roger

If I could choose any two people to get stuck with for 2 months at the bottom of a Chilean mine, it would be my fellow SeaLUG stalwarts Justin and Roger. You really can't beat the company of evil comical geniuses! Within seconds of me declaring open season on my mini-Hawkings, these guys had already built a zombie-based mini-diorama featuring a bullet-spitting scientist vigilante. Wtf? And don't ask me what maniacal plots they are hatching for next year's BrickCon... you wouldn't believe me even if I told you!

Guy, and Va-ug-hn ("The Protection")

Guy, I should so mis-spell your name again, but I will declare a truce. For now. Since meeting at last year's event, Guy and I have had time to really nurture and solidify our mutual contempt and disrespect for one another. Whether it's referring to steam punk as "Crap-Fi", or mispronouncing Miyazaki as "Mawaki-Floki-Puki", the wounds run deep. And if I see that fucking sig-fig again I'm going to ram it up my own arse, just because, mwuhahahahaha! Love you, man. PS: I urinated inside one of your MOCs.

Brother Sister Caylin, aka 'Prize Godess'

Thank you for not photographing my bottom, my dear. Oh, and thanks for all the Lego!

Nannan and Tyler

WTF?! You guys said you were bringing microscale this year? What are these wierd fucking giant guns or whatever they are that you brought? Seriously, you guys need to try harder next year. Tsk. Amateurs. Oh, and we need to hang more next time too!

Alex and Heather

Heather, it's time you came to more SeaLUG meetings, young lady, and share that building talent that you keep so well protected! I might even let you wear The Wig. Oh dear, that probably wasn't a good incentive. Well anyway, thanks for letting Micah and I vandalize your splendid creation! Alex: I am always at a loss for words when we meet in person. Your talent is considerable. Next time round, I propose we just text eachother continuously from opposite sides of the table! It'll feel closer to how we normally communicate. Peace out.

Aylse and Remi

A pleasure to run into you two again, after Bricks by the Bay! Loved the dinosaurs, and thanks for contributing to our OhmLUG display. I hope you got your two Ohm back, although I would imagine you probably didn't (my bad!). Now once upon a time, I christened these two the CCOL or "Cute Couple of Lego". Well...

Dave and Stacy

...possibly dethroned! This year I finally got to meet the Sterlings, who's work I have blogged here on multiple occasions. These two are overflowing with enthusiasm and always ready to par-tay. I just wish I could have joined the par-tay a little more frequently. Dave and Stacy are a lovable couple, and while Stacy is an angel, when hanging out with Dave I always half expect to pass out at some point and wake up to find myself naked and chained to a lampost in Belgium! Fortunately, that didn't happen on this meeting. Maybe next time?


"Fucking skirt wearer"
        "Stuck-up British ponse"
"One-upping bloody media whore biker wannabe"
        "Two-faced ingratiating talentless dabbler"
"...ooh, touché. See you at next month's meeting?"
        "Sure, see you there!"
"Later! Oh, and bring that dildo with you."
        "Will do. Bye now. (twat)"

Micah, Boy Wonder

You have no idea the physical effort (and number of car swap-outs) it takes for Micah and his brother to make it to BrickCon every year! We're honored that of all the Cons, he should choose ours to make the pigrimage from deepest darkest Colorado. Micah, it was a real honor to hang out with you again, and feed off the aura of your energy and talent. Under-appreciated, my arse! Thanks for being part of the "Bricks of Character" posse, and also for the kind gift. Darn, now I'm going to have to build you something in return for next year! I enjoyed being the Tom Servo to your Crow T. Robot.

Jason, Tabitha and Gazebo

Hi guys, good to see you there again. You're such regulars at SeaLUG meetings that I keeping forgetting you have to drive all the way up from Portland! Jason, you are a natural entertainer. But seriously you two, please don't bring your kids to the Con next time. The yellow bodyless one was really starting to freak me out!


I think someone once said that your enthusiasm for Lego is infectious. Now I see what they mean! Great seeing you again after our successful venture at Bricks by the Bay. How you got that giant bridge all the way up from the Bay area baffles me. And thanks for being the 2nd slowest packer-upper (after me) so that I didn't feel quite so lame and embarrased. Keep on bloggin'!

The Becraft Brothers

Nathan, it was great to see you again and share the fruits of our respective year-long Big In Japan follies projects. You are the most shit-together-est person I have ever met. Live long and prosper! And many thanks for the precious little gift you left in my bag of flame bricks! (No, he didn't take a dump in them). Andrew: WTF, you need to stop working for the North Korean Military Industrial Complex so you can actually enjoy an uninterrupted Con, man! See ya next month. Bring Lego. ;-)

Edward Wilkinson

One of only two other Brits that I ran into at the Con this year. It was great to be able to spend quality time with someone who has a clue what the hec I am saying and why it might be funny. Ed, thanks for being so patient with my boy Oscar, and letting him be an Operation Bricklord "fan boy" for most of the Con. When you get back to old Blighty, enjoy a Curly Wurly and think of me! :D

Tommy Williamson

To my partner in crime: Show up next year, dude! Bricks of Character is definitely a 2-man operation. You were missed. Everybody asked where you were. I told them you were in prison, for buggering sheep. Are you SURE you weren't at the con? I'm sure I saw your face about a million times. On the plus side, it looks like you had a pretty good time over at STEAM instead!

So at this point it is getting late, and I feel the funny running out. I also just realized my shout-out list is way, way long. So I will wrap up with a condensed list of some other folks that made the Con a blast for me: Josh Wedin, Brad Krick (Ohm-master), Joe Menomenomenomeno, Tory-B (reprezent!), Drew and Soren (respect!), the illuminated Mike Swanson, Jedi Rob and Tommy Armstrong (best. drunks. evaaaar), Field Marshal Wayne and his Generals. Oh, the list goes on...

In closing, to the young lad that I spoke to during the public exhibition, who told me he was a regular reader of this blog... FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T TELL YOUR PARENTS!!

...but please, feel free to tell your friends. ;-)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ok, so you'll have to wait for the BrickCon write-ups, October is shaping up to be a very busy month for me! I guess between the summer lull and the Christmas lull, there has to be some period where all the shit happens.

So in my post-convention stupor, the best I can manage right now is to share with you this nifty model of the famous Itsukushima Shrine near Hiroshima, created by a very talented Croatian builder and brick hoarder by the name of Matija Grguric.

It may not be 8 foot tall and made of Duplo like the one Robin Sather put together for us at BrickCon, but it's probably the next best thing, in the Torii department.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mission Accomplished!