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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Dream Is Alive

One quarter of a century ago today, seven intrepid American explorers, in the spirit of many before them, embarked on the voyage of a lifetime. But sadly for the crew of the NASA space shuttle Challenger, it was a trip that was not to be.

As NASA does keep trying to remind people, space exploration is a dangerous business, enough to make jobs like "Test Pilot" seem a positively safe career choice by comparison. Almost every time I see a picture of a space shuttle, I am reminded of that great line delivered by Steve Buscemi's character in the (laughable but heartfelt) movie Armageddon.

And among the myriad of tributes marking this anniversary, is this wonderful Lego rendition of the Challenger Seven by my good friends Dave & Johnny Xandegar...

I particularly like the inclusion of the scale model of a scale model of a shuttle in the scene! The 80's hair was also a nice touch.

Like me, the Xandegars are total space nuts. A while back they built an very clever model of Buzz Aldrin that at one point ended up in a NASA exhibit next to actual moon rocks and an old Apollo capsule!

So imagine their even greater pride to see their tribute to the Challenger Seven installed at the Challenger Learning Center in Woodstock, Illinois alongside paintings by an Apollo Astronaut and an actual tire from the shuttle Endeavor!

Proving that we don't actually need to be astronauts, to share the dream.

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