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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is self-indulgence Sunday, so here's a trio of iconic spacecraft from three of my all-time favorite Sci-Fi screen epics, all recently recreated in Lego.

First up, from the Eighties, Stefan Käsmayer (aka 2x4) brings us a fully playable Harkonnen Ornithopter from Dave Lynch's ex-travesty-ganza Dune...

...Stefan has also create a nice little vignette of Paul versus the Fighter Robot from the same movie.

Jumping forward to the Naughties is Lino Martins' take on the Cylon Raider, from the rebooted TV show Battlestar Galactica...

...which is so accurate in it's detail that it even comes with guts!

And finally from the Seventies, SPARKART! recreates the Eagle from that oft overlooked Gerry Anderson show Space 1999...

...which is also available in many utilitarian variations.

Note that the Nineties is conspicuous by its absence!

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