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Saturday, October 8, 2011

BrickCon 2011: Bricks of Character

My continuing coverage of BrickCon 2011 continues to continue! And tonight we're gonna focus on my personal Lego raison d'etre Bricks of Character.

Check out my Bricks of Character set on Flickr to see my personal favorite "BOC MOCs" from the event, or for more comprehensive coverage of the entire convention check out Bill Ward's photostream.

First of all, your humble Bricks of Character 'emmcees' would like to thank everyone who brought a MOC to the BOC table!

We had around 80 creations this time (and as always, that's counting all the CubeDudes one MOC!). It was great to see all the new and creative models. Although as the proportion of videogame-based MOCs grows from year to year, I'm having a harder time recognizing everything. Fortunately there are always plenty of 'youths' skulking about to explain it all to me!

Here's a journey across of the entire BOC table...

And as always, we got a great response from the public! (...laugh, point, hold camera phone directly over delicate MOC, push barriers closer and closer to table, if kindergarden age then also swing off barriers so that feet almost reach table level...)

We also had the pleasure of handing out trophies to the best contributions. Of course, this being Bricks of Character, you already knew the award categories would not be normal...

This year the judging was performed by my arch nemeses The Brothers Brick. Because it's always important to have a scapegoat in these situations. Thanks guys (and godess)!

Here's me and Tommy dishing out the prizes (which included some Lego sets!) to the three winners. Tommy actually won one, as did Nathan Proudlove and Shawn Snyder. Here's Shawn recieving his award. No speeches for them since I'm a mic hog!


...is that some kind of "Left Coast" uniform? Everyone at work seems to dress this way, come rain or shine! Not that I can talk, given what I was wearing.

And to wrap up, here are two of my most very favoritest MOCs from the entire Bricks of Character display (Shawn's "Kratos" and some miniland roller derby gals by the ever-dreamy Gary McIntyre)...

Another great showing, and looking forward to seeing what the next one brings!

NEXT UP: This year Bricks of Character featured it's very first collaborative display Pythonscape. Stay tuned for an in depth analysis!

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