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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Some years ago, my first feeble attempt at doing something interesting with Lego involved combining it the most satisfying of all nerdy pursuits, Dungeons and Dragons.

But more recently, my good chum Guy Himber (purveyor of fine Lego sweetmeats, and venerable curator of V&A Steamworks) has been giving the world of D&D his own unique Lego treatment.

And he just made my week by tackling my all-time favorite monster...

This is truly FTW! ("For The Wargamers"). And Guy's version comes with a more interesting set of eye stalk powers than the original (click through to Flickr to check them out).

I always imagined Beholders having particularly 'tetchy' personalities. Something to do with a shortage of eyelids, the price of contact lens fluid, and adventurers endlessly waving bright torches in front of their eyes. This one's body language seems to be saying "Take one step closer to my quad-shot latte, Elf boy, and I will fuck you up!"

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