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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fried Chicken!

Twenty years ago today, a singular artist and performer was lost to us.

On November 24th 1991, the British musical icon Freddie Mercury passed away, the victim of a disease that at the time was still largely on the fringe of Western consciousness. But by unexpectedly claiming such a beloved public figure, the stigma associated with AIDS was destined to be short-lived.

The band Queen dominated the British rock scene during the 70s and 80s. And by the height of their success they were, quite literally, as much a national institution as a certain British monarch of the same name! And the antics of their charismatic yet sincere front man (whether on stage or on video) were always a source of great entertainment to the nation.

This LEGO creation is my own tribute to the man Mercury. I wanted to create a model that captured Freddie's energy and joy. And Queen's concert at Wembley Stadium in the summer of 1986 (one of Freddie's final performances with Queen) seemed like the perfect source material. The concert was actually televised nationwide a few months later, and so is probably how many of us remember Freddie now - in that regal yellow jacket, sporty pants, Adidas trainers, and wielding his signature "sceptre" microphone stand.

Despite the enormous cultural blow dealt by Freddie's passing, the popularity of Queen and the memory of Freddie have in no way diminished in the intervening years. There have been numerous tribute concerts, some featuring the surviving members of the band themselves (including a few special performances scheduled this month). The band has also continued to perform their most well-known material with the help of other talented singers. Although for me personally, nothing could top the performances of George Michael, Elton John and David Bowie at the very first tribute concert back in 1992!

Freddie's legacy has also given rise to such worthwhile organizations as the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which funds AID research, and the Mercury Prize, an annual award given to promising new musical talent. The Queen fan base is also still thriving and the band itself is currently working on an album of hitherto unreleased songs featuring vocals by Freddie, thanks to some recently discovered studio tapes.


So, if you happen to remember seeing some old Queen albums hiding at the back of your music collection, dust them off today and spin one for Freddie. Or heck, do it the modern way and download a random Queen track from iTunes.

"The show must go on!"


  1. Superb work, Ochre. I can't claim to be much of a Queen or FM fan but your model captures the man perfectly.

  2. I am a super Queen/Freddie fan and that is spectacular. Thank you RIP Freddie

  3. Can you put together a kit and instructions to sell????

  4. I would kill to know how to make that.

  5. please put together instructions and sell them

  6. Wow, I was listening to Queen just as I saw this. And that creation is amazing. I would love instructions for it.

  7. wooow! you just kill me with this one!

  8. AS the great man himself would have said "Fabulous, Darling".
    This is quite simply awesome. I echo the request for instructions, the only thing I love more than Queen and Lego is my family!

  9. So there's quite a discussion over at reddit as to wether this was glued together or by means of snot or whatnot. Could you elaborate please?

  10. A few special performances by former Queen members? What are you talking about? details please?!?

  11. Just tossing in my two cents for a set of instructions. This is fantastic.

  12. Freddie Mercury has an awesome voice. It's sad that he died early. I still love Queen until now.

  13. Now THIS is INSANE!!! You're a funkin' G. E. N. I. U. S.!

    I think I'd give my left arm (and a couple of fingers from the right hand, at your choice) to own this piece of art and to proudly display it on my desk.

    For real, this is outstanding... Hats off to you!!!