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Monday, March 19, 2012

Smooth surfaced criminal

2012 MocAthalon team Ninjiant and the Ninjets can't possibly fail to sweep the contest, if they keep submitting entries like this interpretation of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, by team member Shannon Sproule.

Created for the contest category "MOCing the 80s", this is one of those MOCs that makes me just wanna give up Lego and focus more on my drinking problems other hobbies. Which could be a problem since I don't actually have any drinking problems other hobbies. (...what, what?)

Apart from the wonderful pose and technique on the suit (which I shall immediately steal), this MOC is just full of win because it depicts something from the 80s. And as we all know, the 80's was offically the Best Decade Ever.

If you disagree me with me I'll build a time machine and sent you back there as punishment. Or pelt you with Rubik's cubes.

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