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Monday, March 5, 2012

Taking the biscuit

Ice hockey is widely recognized as the sport of gentlemen, enjoyed by coffee-sipping beatnik intellectuals everywhere, and executed with almost monk-like calm and dignity by an elite group of petite ex-Olympic figure skaters. I mean, that's the only possible explanation for how Patrick Kaleta of the Buffalo Sabres could turn out to be a collosal Lego nerd.

So he will probably appreciate this excellent likeness created by Dave Kaleta (no relation!) for the 2012 MocAthalon, now underway over a MOCPages.

I mean, a sport with about fifty words for "fight" couldn't possibly be populated by psychopathically violent knuckle-draggers, right? Of course, a lot of these are Canadian psychopaths, which is probably how they ended up with such dainty terms as "mitts" and "fisticuffs". (...hey, I'm not scared of them, what are they gonna do, beat me up with their no army and then force me to use free healthcare?)

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