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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Brickchicks 2013 calendar: Sneak peek!

For many years Lego's marketing department has tried to actively discourage girls from using their products. Who can forget that infamous "Not for girls!" ad campaign of the 1980's, or the very short-lived range of "Man Town" sets depicting a variety of unspeakable gender stereotypes.

In reality, many females of all ages enjoy building with Lego, just as much as their male counterparts (when they're not engaged in more important activities such as shopping, ironing or childbirth). And our hobby is all the richer for it!

Which is why I've been a long-time supporter of the BrickChicks calendars. In production for about five years now, these calendars bring female Lego fans to the spotlight, and are a great inspiration for the younger generation too I assume I mean how could they not be.

Part of next year's issue was recently leaked online and it looks great. Tons of stirring role models. All the images shown in this post are (apparently) from the 2013 edition! Very pleased to see Amber back in the game after that unfortunate Mindstorms incident.

Preview the entire calendar here. Or visit the www.brickchicks.com web site for back issues. More images can also be found on my photostream.



  1. I'd buy it :p

  2. YUM YUM!!


  4. Put it on Cuusoo and watch it getting 10k votes in a day... :-)

  5. Becasue this will help make LEGO more girl friendly ;)

  6. this is gross and sexist and as a girl who loved legos I can't say that half or nearly naked women ever inspired me to build. The buildings themselves are inspiring the blatantly sexist pin up nature of this calendar is stupid and unimaginative. Everyone slaps a half naked woman on everything now and calls it edgy or liberating and its the same old ogle me this crap that we have seen forever.