Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jean Genious

Another recent 2012 MocAthalon entry here, this time by Leda Kat, who's prior foray into character building I covered a while back.

Her subject this time round is David Bowie's character Jareth from the classic movie Labyrinth. A movie that proves once again that the 80's was simply the Best Decade Ever. On account of it being absolutely chock-fucking-full of MUPPETS.

Leda built this for the contest category "MOC-ing the 80's", which also produced such wonders as Shannon Sproule's gravity-defying Michael Jackson statuette. See? Can this decade do no wrong? #oknobodymentionthatcher

I love that Leda decided to include the baby in it's candy striped romper suit, as well as some of the villain's magical props. Of course, those of us that remember this movie might argue over which was the more disturbing, Bowie's acting, or his pants. Ok, it was the pants. And I've probably said too much already. #whathasbeenseencannotbeunseen

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