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Monday, May 14, 2012

Time to get a bit catty

The clickbrick LEGO chain in Japan recently held it's 6th annual Original Model Contest. This is the one I've covered before, where the models have to fit within a specific sized space. IMHO the entries (and even winners) this year were, well, "meh".

<sad face>

...of course, this is just my opinion, based on my own personal tastes, my recollections of previous years events, and my relative inefficiency at navigating the Japanese web-o-sphere. If such negativity troubles you, then here are some pictures of baby raccoons to ease your suffering.

I did stumble across one gem, however. SIGEZO took a break from his obsessive aircraft building schedule to submit this great rendition of a thieving Melynx (aka Merarou) from the massively popular videogame franchise Monster Hunter...


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