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Sunday, July 1, 2012

To the victors, the spoils!

Congratulations to nolnet and halfbeak... You are the joint winners of the Mi-Fi microscale LEGO building contest! Both victors will recieve this one-of-a-kind microscale set from microscale master and my co-judge, Rod Gillies.

It was clear that a lot of thought and hard work was put into the 36 entries that were submitted, and everyone clearly dug the concept of recreating iconic scenes from screen Sci-Fi at this scale.


1.21 Gigawatts by nolnet
Brilliant stuff. Instantly recognisable and some inspired technique. I love that Nolnet has managed to build an iconic scene from a well-loved movie, but without including the iconic vehicle! The only thing that might have improved this in my mind would have been including more of the town square buildings, but that would also have detracted from the simple focus of this lovely little creation. - Rod

Resistance is Futile by halfbeak
The Borg would probably disagree, but sometimes less is more, as this creation demonstrates. Building just part of the cube and using forced perspective was enough to convey the drama of this moment with a very minimalist build. I've seen the Enterprise done in LEGO many times, but this use of a mini-fig torso is some real Nice Parts Usage! - Iain


Welcome to the Real World by SPARKART!
Instantly recognisable from the thumbnail, and pulls off the great trick of good microscale of looking much bigger than it actually is. Some lovely angles and details, and the tunnel texture adds a great sense of place to the setting. - Rod

Deep Core by Pedro Vezini
The genious of this model lies in the builder's choice of scene from the movie. It's a key scene, that can be conveyed by recreating just a few key elements. Immediately passed the "thumbnail test" for me, perfectly illustrating what microscale is all about. - Iain

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few other entries that we also liked a lot...

Planet of the Apes

Independence Day

Los Angeles November 2019

Pursuit Over Tatooine

(Ted Andes)

(Carl Merriam)

Thankyou, and come again!

In the end this contest was as much about the builders as the creations, since the two winners submitted some additional entries that could just as easily have won. In fact, several participants are still churning out more as we speak! And even Rod and I have been inspired to have a go, too.

This was a lot of fun, folks. We should definitely do it again! It has been suggested we choose a different movie/tv genre next time, so please feel free to send me your suggestions! I think microscale is a fantastic building style, that gets even better when a group of people build to a common theme. So let's give those Micropolis guys a run for their money, eh? :-)


  1. I'd like to add my congratulations to the winners and my thanks to everyone who took part. I enjoyed seeing the entries. Good stuff all round.

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