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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Walking on sunshine

Space races and space shuttles may have been consigned to history now, but imho there's still plenty of stuff going on at NASA these days to get excited about.

But in a retrospective mood, my good friends and fellow space-nuts Dave and John Xandegar (aka BrixWerx) have created this amazingingly detailed version of the 1965 Gemini IV flight. The Gemini program was a prelude to the Apollo moon program, and it was an opportunity for NASA to learn how to conduct basic operations in space. For example on this flight, Ed White became the first American to perform a spacewalk.

A clever technique was used to attached the floating astronaut to the rest of the model: a wire runs through the chain of round yellow bricks making up the tether. Which I imagine creates a wonderful illusion for anyone that eventually gets to see this model on display.

I'm assuming the background is completely illusionary, although we've seen recent examples in the news of enthusiasts launching LEGO models into space on weather balloons, so maybe there's a whole new building niche waiting to be explored "out there"!

Click here for loads more images of this creation.

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