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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hack and Slay

I'm a total sucker for anything that takes me back to the simpler "Monty Haul" glory days of Dungeons and Dragons. So I'm getting a great nostalgia hit off this series of RPG-inspired vignettes by teenage builder Sam, aka /Bricks\, which he has entitled Bricks of the Realm.

Each scene depicts a successive level in the hero's quest, during which he encounters Were-Penguins, the 10-limbed "Decipus", zombie dwarves, some rather nasty will-o-the-wisps, and a rather splendid troll! And of course toward the end, he battles the great dragon, and retires with a room full of loot ...just like the good old days!

Below are my favorite levels. I suspect by "levels" Sam is referring to game levels or experience levels (in this videogame age of ours), but I like to imagine them as the increasingly deep levels of a mega-dungeon from my own teenage years...


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