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Monday, May 28, 2012

You gonna eat that stapler?

Purists avert your eyes, several battle-droid feet were harmed in the creation of this tiny double-chinned bust of Peter Griffin by Fredo Houben (aka Fredoichi). But I think on this occasion, the ends justified the means.

Now use this idol to pay homage to the God that is Seth Macfarlane, by giving your local pizza delivery business the prank call of their lives! :-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Meeza thinks weeza gonna be havin' a CONTEST!

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars movie! Which makes those of us that actually remember the event feel really old and tired. Almost as old and tired as the franchise that this movie spawned (...nyuk, nyuk).

...so, to commemorate this event I thought it was time for a little contest...

Some of you may have seen the excellent set of microscale Star Wars vignettes created by Rod Gillies recently (now taking votes for support as a CuuSoo project). You missed them? Shame on you! Well, here they are...

Among other things, I am known for having passing interest in both microscale and steampunk. And as it happens, Rod is a master of both! Check out his blog Empire of Steam for some classic examples of LEGO steampunkery. So, without further ado...

Announcing "Mi-Fi", a Sci-Fi microscale building contest

The challenge: Create a microscale LEGO vignette depicting a scene from any science fiction movie or TV show! Rod's creations above should give you the idea of the general style and size we're looking for. Detailed rules and guidelines can also be found in the Discussion section of the Flickr group.

The rules: You have one month from today to create your vignette. Entries must be new creations, up to a maximum of 3 per person, and must be posted on the Mi-Fi Flickr group pool before the deadline to qualify. Check the group regularly for updates, or to size up your competitors! Please be respectful in all discussion threads. Use of force powers is prohibited. And NO DISINTEGRATIONS!

Judging: A secret panel of judges (ok, it's me and Rod) will select TWO winners. Entries will be judged based on their clever use of microscale techniques to effectively recreate a *recognizable* scene from a *well known* Sci-Fi screen work. If you pick something obscure, you're probably not going to win! Scenes from fantasy or rom-coms will also not win, and will be mocked publically.

PRIZES: What, is the honor or victory not reward enough? Ok, there will be some swag. Pretty unique swag, actually. The two winners will each recieve a custom microscale steampunk set created by Rod, entitled Her Majesty's Imperial Expeditionary Force. This unique set features parts for three vehicles, plus glossy instruction and stat cards...

And that address again is...


...now get building! The clock is ticking. May the force be with you. Live long and prosper. And frak you, you frakkin' frakkers!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jean Genious

Another recent 2012 MocAthalon entry here, this time by Leda Kat, who's prior foray into character building I covered a while back.

Her subject this time round is David Bowie's character Jareth from the classic movie Labyrinth. A movie that proves once again that the 80's was simply the Best Decade Ever. On account of it being absolutely chock-fucking-full of MUPPETS.

Leda built this for the contest category "MOC-ing the 80's", which also produced such wonders as Shannon Sproule's gravity-defying Michael Jackson statuette. See? Can this decade do no wrong? #oknobodymentionthatcher

I love that Leda decided to include the baby in it's candy striped romper suit, as well as some of the villain's magical props. Of course, those of us that remember this movie might argue over which was the more disturbing, Bowie's acting, or his pants. Ok, it was the pants. And I've probably said too much already. #whathasbeenseencannotbeunseen

Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Eyeland in the See"

Accomplished young builder Littlehaulic (aka Clites The Younger) says "I love puns and word play and I also like to draw eyes". So when tasked with building an entry in the recent 2012 MocAthalon, the solution must have clearly been staring her in the face....


Monday, May 14, 2012

Time to get a bit catty

The clickbrick LEGO chain in Japan recently held it's 6th annual Original Model Contest. This is the one I've covered before, where the models have to fit within a specific sized space. IMHO the entries (and even winners) this year were, well, "meh".

<sad face>

...of course, this is just my opinion, based on my own personal tastes, my recollections of previous years events, and my relative inefficiency at navigating the Japanese web-o-sphere. If such negativity troubles you, then here are some pictures of baby raccoons to ease your suffering.

I did stumble across one gem, however. SIGEZO took a break from his obsessive aircraft building schedule to submit this great rendition of a thieving Melynx (aka Merarou) from the massively popular videogame franchise Monster Hunter...


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bricks of a feather, build together

DeTomaso Pantera, who is from my old stomping ground of the West Country (yay, go... local... sports team?), has done a superb job capturing some of Britain's most recognizable birds. Artistically capturing, not physically capturing... Just wanted to clarify that!

Anyway, as a professional tree person, Tom must tangle with some of these little blighters on a regular basis, because he has given them all names. I'm also particularly impressed by the variety of poses and props used in these models, especially 'flight mode' which is just genius!

Bobby the Robin Red Breast

Billy the Blue Tit

Kingsley the Kingfisher

Woody the Woodpecker

Gloria the Goldfinch

Penelope The Puffin


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Well, this sucks

Some crazy cat named Victor Vercesi created this far out vaccum cleaner. Can you dig it? It's got such a swell 50's retro vibe going, that I just wanna just duck and cover, baby!