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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Walking on sunshine

Space races and space shuttles may have been consigned to history now, but imho there's still plenty of stuff going on at NASA these days to get excited about.

But in a retrospective mood, my good friends and fellow space-nuts Dave and John Xandegar (aka BrixWerx) have created this amazingingly detailed version of the 1965 Gemini IV flight. The Gemini program was a prelude to the Apollo moon program, and it was an opportunity for NASA to learn how to conduct basic operations in space. For example on this flight, Ed White became the first American to perform a spacewalk.

A clever technique was used to attached the floating astronaut to the rest of the model: a wire runs through the chain of round yellow bricks making up the tether. Which I imagine creates a wonderful illusion for anyone that eventually gets to see this model on display.

I'm assuming the background is completely illusionary, although we've seen recent examples in the news of enthusiasts launching LEGO models into space on weather balloons, so maybe there's a whole new building niche waiting to be explored "out there"!

Click here for loads more images of this creation.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Put that in your stovepipe hat and smoke it!


Who says Lego models can't enjoy a little cos-play? Finnish wonder Pate-keetongu decided his Qwena character needed the Steampunk treatment...


Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Darlings of BrickCon

In honor of our friend and SeaLUG member Heather Braaten, we'll be staging a collaborative Darlings display at BrickCon this October. Everyone is heartily encouraged to build Darlings and bring them to add to the display! Or if you can't make it to the Con, just mail your Darlings to me, and I'll return them to you afterwards, free of charge. In the meantime, Tommy Williamson and I have cooked up some sample batches of Darlings, to inspire you...

Hop on over to the Darlings Flickr group to get involved in the project. On the group you'll find introductory building instructions and a cool logo to use in pictures of your Darlings.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Part Bionicle and part technic, this mermaid by Nathaniel Shields seems to evoke a creepier non-Disney version of these mythical creatures. The kind that probably looks at land dwellers and wonders what they would taste like deep-fried in batter with a side order of chips!

Thanks to roving Brickjournal editor Joe Meno for bringing this model to my attention when he spotted it on display at BrickFair earlier this month.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rule Brittania!

Well, the London Olympics are finally over, and the Pet Shop Boys have been safely returned to cold storage until they are needed again to save the world.

I haven't followed an Olympic games this closely since my childhood, but the prospect of catching wistful glimpses of the Motherland made it irresitable! Even when viewed through the feces-flecked filter of the US television coverage.

Congratulations to all the competitors for giving it your all (whether you won or not, McKayla!), and to the people of London for doing such a splendid job. And to Boris for being such a nut job.