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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Duelling Pianists

Ok, today I have a two-for-one special: Two builders who have both recently created Lego keyboards. First up, is Jason Allemann (aka True Dimensions) who created this disembodied pianist's hand, and then used some Technic witchcraft to animate it! He even created a nice video to demonstrate how it all works. The way he imparts the keys with realistic action is particularly neat.

Next, we have this very jolly 1:1 scale retro synthesizer, created by Master Shifu Leo J (aka, erm, Master Shifu Leo J) as part of the "Life Size Object" round of the MocOlmypics challenge. I'm a huge synth nut, so I don't even care that this isn't actually a recreation of any specific model of synth!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

They should be band

It seems that both the ludicrous Star Wars character Max Rebo and the former MOC-Olympics champion Leda Kat are becoming regular features on this blog. And what better way to continue milking that trend, than by featuring a creation of Max Rebo, actually made by Leda Kat!

Yet another one of Millie's distinctive character dioramas: playfully constructed, a rainbow of colors, and beautifully lit as always. All the gang are there, complete with their silly names that I will not soil myself by repeating here (from George Lucas' mouth to God's ears). Make sure to check all of the detailed images; below is just a taste...

And remember kids, HE'S NOT AN ELEPHANT!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Does my bum look big in this?

Not being much of a superhero fan, I wouldn't normally bother featuring LEGO versions of stuff like the Avengers. Except when one of my favorite builders TKH decides to give them his characteristically feminine treatment!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BrickCon 2012 is this weekend!

"I've made my list, checked it twice, gonna find out which MOCs are naughty and nice, 'cos BrickCon 2012 is coming to town!"

I don't need to explain to anyone reading this blog what a LEGO convention is, or in what town BrickCon takes place (hint: it's Seattle), or why I think it's the most awesome of all the Cons. Lots of cool stuff gonna be there this year, as Andrew B already summarized. And they've even been foolish enough to let me do a couple of talks this time too!

Of course THE TOTAL HIGHLIGHT OF THE EVENT will undoubtedly be the 5th incarnation of BRICKS OF CHARACTER, hosted by Tommy and me. Which this year includes our Heather Braaten "Darlings" tribute. Thankyou to everyone who agreed to contribute a Darling to the display, especially those that couldn't attend but mailed me their Darlings anyway!

And for those bringing MOCs to the BOC table, you're in the running to win a trophy. Or more specifically, a TRAVIE! We're handing out 4 this year (categories to be revealed at the event). But even if you don't walk off with one of these beauties, don't despair, because you'll all still be getting one of our signature badge bricks to wear around the Convention.

So my gear is all packed and loaded into my car, and I'll be seeing some of you starting tomorrow morning, as the preparations (and fun n' games!) get underway. And finally, for no particular reason, in the words of our very hard-working and glorious leader Wayne (who will hate me for using this again)...


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hack and Slay

I'm a total sucker for anything that takes me back to the simpler "Monty Haul" glory days of Dungeons and Dragons. So I'm getting a great nostalgia hit off this series of RPG-inspired vignettes by teenage builder Sam, aka /Bricks\, which he has entitled Bricks of the Realm.

Each scene depicts a successive level in the hero's quest, during which he encounters Were-Penguins, the 10-limbed "Decipus", zombie dwarves, some rather nasty will-o-the-wisps, and a rather splendid troll! And of course toward the end, he battles the great dragon, and retires with a room full of loot ...just like the good old days!

Below are my favorite levels. I suspect by "levels" Sam is referring to game levels or experience levels (in this videogame age of ours), but I like to imagine them as the increasingly deep levels of a mega-dungeon from my own teenage years...