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Friday, November 29, 2013

Land of Cuus-Ooo


I guess sometimes two uppercase wrongs can make a right... Which on this occasion means taking CUUSOO (LEGO's heavily-gamed perpetual popularity contest, frequented by the most loathesome of fanboy communities) and POV-RAY (the tool that fakes digital instructions into looking like real models, for those too bone idle to click two fucking bricks together), and utilizing them together to pursue the Holy Grail of LEGO themes... No, not Monty Python, but Adventure Time!

Totally mathematical builder jazlecraz has created an extensive and gloriously detailed series of Adventure Time prototype sets and submitted these as a CUUSOO project. And last week, the project reached the 10,000 votes necessary to be considered for production! Start crossing all of your fingers and thumbs now!

Now, the original concept was a fully-playable minifig based treehouse (which was certainly more likely to get votes than the brick-built Adventure Time characters I posted a couple of years ago). But LEGO isn't able to commit to molding new parts for limited-run products, so our hero cleverly switched to micro scale (like those crafty Minecraft sets, remember?) and limited himself to available parts such as micro-figs and printed elements to prototype all the characters. Pure genius - PB herself would be proud!

What I love about these designs is that they aren't just paying lip-service to the basic themes of the show. This builder is clearly a fan and appreciates the characters, settings, and events that viewers love. For example, in the interior of the Ice King's lair you can see the drum kit he uses to entertain/torture his Princess captives. And there's even a theatre in the Castle Lemongrab set. And look at all the familiar furnishings inside Marceline's cavern cottage. It's all totally rhombic!

The design of the Lumpy-space set is particularly impressive - I had to do a double take to prove to myself it used regular parts! The combination of curved bricks and stickers works perfectly, and the use of an ice-cream brick for LSP herself is inspired!

Another thing to note, before you get too excited: Even if this project doesn't lose out to some inferior videogame derived project or other, during the next CUUSOO review cycle, LEGO would likely only build a single set initially, not the entire range.

However, I have to say, given the current popularity of this show, and the fact that I know the makers of this show to be extremely cool people, the idea of an official Adventure Time range of LEGO sets makes perfect sense to me. I mean, how long before this planet grows weary of the endlessly repetitive and threadbare Lucas franchise? (...ok, probably not until we stop manufacturing 8-10 year olds, but here's hoping).

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