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Monday, November 18, 2013

Na-na na-na na-na na-na BLOK-MAN!

Well, the LEGO community isn't grabbing my attention this week, it's all spaceships in the shape of rude gestures, so let's hop over to the parallel universe of Nanoblock and see what the absolute master of that medium, Chris Tan, has been up to...

Ha-ha-hah, Lucas fanboys, this awesome little Artoo will never be yours, because you don't have the necessary 1500 nanobloks. Of course, remember this is nanoblok, so the model is actually about half the width of a human hair. Actually, at a glance I'd guess its almost the exact size as my LEGO version, but rendered at a significantly higher resolution. Now I have to wonder if I've been working with the wrong product all these years!

And in an ultimate act of utter double-mockery, Chris's also brings us a nanoblok version of a Mini-fig Stormtrooper. I know, I know... an off-brand brick-built rendition of a licensed theme mini-fig. He's basically giving you all the finger. We both are.

Ok, let's switch to a selection of older stuff from Chris' extensive catalog of character builds, each of which even comes with detailed building instructions. These characters need no introduction. This is pure blok-porn.

But this one, this one is going to blow your mind...


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