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Thursday, February 28, 2013

You know, for perverts...

(Of course, I only read it for the instructions...)


Monday, February 25, 2013

Holland or Bust

This cool bust (of no-one in particular) is by Dutch builder Erik Leppen, and was captured by fellow LowLUG member Barry Bosman, at their LUG's ten year anniversary.

The facial construction is so good, I'm willing to bet every reader will think that it looks like someone. Who does it remind you of? My first thought was Mike Oldfield, for some reason!

Friday, February 15, 2013

SEALUG is coming to COMICON!

Can't wait for BrickCon? Then come to Emerald City Comicon and see the awesome LEGO display that SEALUG is putting on! This is our 2nd year at ECCC and we have an even larger display area than before, for your enjoyment. We have space stuff, and fantasy stuff, and stuff that will basically blow your freaking mind.

Oh, and there's a Comic convention going on there too apparently with, like, celebrities and cosplayers and vendors and other cool shit like that. But book your tickets NOW because they are selling out fast, meaning tickets may not be available for purchase at the door. You definitely don't wanna miss this party!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Let's take a break from the typical cheesy Valentine's Day LEGO fayre this year, and take it up a notch with Carl Merriam's classy Betty Boop figurine. The period-correct art deco stage lights and oldy-worldy microphone are a very nice touch. Of course, you have to be my age or considerably older to appreciate why this makes such a hot Valentine's Day gift! Ok, I've said too much already...


Monday, February 11, 2013

Moko Mojo

Moko is one of my all-time favorite character builders and a definitive master of the art. And his latest masterpiece, this 'statue' of a Japanese high school girl, is an instant classic. The detail and styling leave me almost breathless!

As an extra treat, Moko has also written a detailed blow-by-blow account of this build, in which he describes his overall process and all the design choices that went into it, ending with a reveal of its internal construction (with some hilarious upskirt consequences). Needless to say, as the humble student I will be analyzing all this vital information in great detail!

You know, I just realized it's been ages since I had a proper weekend-long Anime binge.

...recommendations, anyone?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The few and the proud

Always nice to find others working in the foot-tall scale of character building that I tend to torture myself with these days, and this Salute to the United States Marine Corps by SandLUG member Tristan Dartt (aka ¡Perfecto!) is just the ticket...


Monday, February 4, 2013

Global Perspective

Of this model entitled Atlas Shrugged, Kristi "McWii" says "I've never read the book and I've never seen the movie, but the cover on one of the numerous editions of Atlas Shrugged was the first time I'd seen an image of atlas kneeling instead of standing. This is the final color scheme, and may be a little odd but it was more interesting than Atlas being entirely white."


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Parasol-normal experience

When I first saw this, I assumed that someone had just been hitting the mushrooms a bit hard. But noooooooo, a little Googling and I discover this is an Actual Thing. In Japanese folk lore, objects that reach 100 years of age become animate, and in the case of umbrellas, they become "kasa obake" (傘お化け) or Umbrella Ghosts.

And someone way-back-when must have been hitting those mushrooms hard after all, because they even figured out what they're supposed to look like. Which is what eggmax430 depicts in LEGO below. And so I present to you, straight from a Miyazaki rage stroke, the umbrella ghost...


Saturday, February 2, 2013

He Ain't Heavy...

Cool, it looks like my hobbit finally has some protection now, in the form of Balin and Dwalin. These are the work of fine Finnish builder Pate-keetongu, who's creations I've featured may times before.

For the background on this build, check out his blog, which also features a great shot of Dwalin wielding his axes. And while we're talking about behind-the-scenes coverage of Tolkien-themed LEGO builds, get ready for the VIDEO blog posting about my Bilbo/Gollum build!

UPDATE! Just as in the book itself, the dwarves appear to be arriving in dribs and drabs. So please welcome Oin! (currently "sans Gloin")...