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Thursday, August 29, 2013

What are you looking at?

Many thanks to Bruce over at the Bricktales multithemibloggentasticken for reacquainting me with the work of Christopher Tan, who I featured a while ago when nanoblock first came on the scene in the US. Well, since then it looks like Chris has been really pushing the nano envelope, and even sharing building instructions for his creations as eBooks over on his blog and Facebook page. Check it all out, it'll blow your tiny freaking mind!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Come back here, I'll bite your legs off!

I don't care that these LEGO sets by Ádám Monostori are obviously fake, or that they use mini-figs, but someone has to make this a CUUSOO project or something otherwise I'm going to have to fetchez la vache!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Character building

Well, Brickshelf user thelet certainly knows how to get me out of my comfort zone, first causing me to blog a train MOC with his meticulous recreation of Stephenson's Rocket, and now with this adorable crinkly-winkly little potion shop...

But I'm counting both of these MOCs as 'on-topic' since they really are characters in their own right. And despite its small size, the potion shop is not short on cute details or NPU...

My goodness, is this a slippery slope, will I be blogging fig-based stuff next? Vehicles? Mecha? Hmmm, maybe. What about CG rendered models? Erm... NOT FUCKING LIKELY.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rev'd up

When I saw this on the photostream of "the Reverend" Bredand Powell Smith, I had to go check Amazon to make sure this wasn't just an elaborate prank. Well, it's not a prank ...it's a stunt! And a brilliant one at that. Pre-order your copy now!

Assassination! The Brick Chronicle of Attempts on the Lives of Twelve US Presidents by Brendan Powell Smith
Assassination! The Brick Chronicle of Attempts on the Lives of Twelve US Presidents, a photo by Brendan Powell Smith on Flickr.

Friday, August 2, 2013

I, Robot

Believe it or not, I actually have rules for what is covered on this blog! So when Tyler Clites started posting his whimsical series about the life of a Lego robot called E-MOTE, I was unsure what to do. Firstly, I usually avoid series. Secondly, the character relies heavily on articulated joints. And thirdly, it was already getting ample coverage on Brothers Brick.

But in a typical stroke of genius, Tyler gave me an excuse to ignore all these rules! The introduction of E-MOTE's girlfriend added a storyline that made it so much more than just a study of anatomical poses, brightened up with a number of fun brick-built props. And the story (well, this chapter at least) came to a nice crisp conclusion with a not-all-that-suprising marriage proposal. So above is a summary of the entire relationship-y half of the saga.

And you know something is special when other builders being to parody it! Sean and Steph Mayo thought E-MOTE's torso looked too much like a happy meal, so they decided to take this in a different direction...


Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's not the same without seahorse dreams!

Turns out I wasn't the only Bravest Warriors fan in the AFOL community! Evan Bordessa whipped up the perfect date for my Beth model, in the form of the perpetually friend-zoned Chris...

And in a great alignment of the planets, we and our two models are gonna get to hang out together at BrickCon in October! But that's not all, Evan also put together a version of Impossibear, complete with his catchphrase-generating weapon, who'll make a great companion for my Catbug...

And don't forget to check out Bravest Warriors over at Cartoon Hangover, where you can watch Season 1, some all-new minisodes, and even a lost episode - all in the run up to Season 2 later this year.