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Friday, November 29, 2013

Land of Cuus-Ooo


I guess sometimes two uppercase wrongs can make a right... Which on this occasion means taking CUUSOO (LEGO's heavily-gamed perpetual popularity contest, frequented by the most loathesome of fanboy communities) and POV-RAY (the tool that fakes digital instructions into looking like real models, for those too bone idle to click two fucking bricks together), and utilizing them together to pursue the Holy Grail of LEGO themes... No, not Monty Python, but Adventure Time!

Totally mathematical builder jazlecraz has created an extensive and gloriously detailed series of Adventure Time prototype sets and submitted these as a CUUSOO project. And last week, the project reached the 10,000 votes necessary to be considered for production! Start crossing all of your fingers and thumbs now!

Now, the original concept was a fully-playable minifig based treehouse (which was certainly more likely to get votes than the brick-built Adventure Time characters I posted a couple of years ago). But LEGO isn't able to commit to molding new parts for limited-run products, so our hero cleverly switched to micro scale (like those crafty Minecraft sets, remember?) and limited himself to available parts such as micro-figs and printed elements to prototype all the characters. Pure genius - PB herself would be proud!

What I love about these designs is that they aren't just paying lip-service to the basic themes of the show. This builder is clearly a fan and appreciates the characters, settings, and events that viewers love. For example, in the interior of the Ice King's lair you can see the drum kit he uses to entertain/torture his Princess captives. And there's even a theatre in the Castle Lemongrab set. And look at all the familiar furnishings inside Marceline's cavern cottage. It's all totally rhombic!

The design of the Lumpy-space set is particularly impressive - I had to do a double take to prove to myself it used regular parts! The combination of curved bricks and stickers works perfectly, and the use of an ice-cream brick for LSP herself is inspired!

Another thing to note, before you get too excited: Even if this project doesn't lose out to some inferior videogame derived project or other, during the next CUUSOO review cycle, LEGO would likely only build a single set initially, not the entire range.

However, I have to say, given the current popularity of this show, and the fact that I know the makers of this show to be extremely cool people, the idea of an official Adventure Time range of LEGO sets makes perfect sense to me. I mean, how long before this planet grows weary of the endlessly repetitive and threadbare Lucas franchise? (...ok, probably not until we stop manufacturing 8-10 year olds, but here's hoping).

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Be thankful...

...that two holidays coincide this year, so we only have to go through this nonsense once.

You're gonna see a lot of Thanksgiving builds today. And many of them will be giant turkeys. In the bad sense of the word. So I give thanks that the excellent Dave Kaleta came though for us this time!

So eat, drink, be merry, argue, throw up, and sleep it off. For tomorrow... you shop!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

You know, for Belgians...

Well, it was going viral, so how could I not build this? If you've not seen Volvo's latest ad Epic Split, featuring the 'Muscles from Brussels' (Jean Claude Van Damme) then rush on down to your local purveyor of fine digital streaming products and watch it now.

Of course, just modelling it wasn't enough. I had to one up myself and parody the video itself as well. Enjoy...


Thursday, November 21, 2013


Outside the building categories that I actually follow, I'll generally take a castle build over a space build (or infinity number of town builds) any day of the week. So the annual Collosal Castle Contest going on over at Classic-Castle.com certainly offers much that is pleasing the eyes.

However, in the run-up to this event it seems like a couple of new-ish TROPES have snuck into the Castle Community Consciousness over the past few months, and builders are kinda copying each-other. And this season's fashions? I call them No-Parallel-Lines Rickety Tudor and Medieval Mega-Greebles. And while Crow's Nest above by David Hensel utilizes both, it thankfully adds something extra through its clever incorporation of snow effects.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Na-na na-na na-na na-na BLOK-MAN!

Well, the LEGO community isn't grabbing my attention this week, it's all spaceships in the shape of rude gestures, so let's hop over to the parallel universe of Nanoblock and see what the absolute master of that medium, Chris Tan, has been up to...

Ha-ha-hah, Lucas fanboys, this awesome little Artoo will never be yours, because you don't have the necessary 1500 nanobloks. Of course, remember this is nanoblok, so the model is actually about half the width of a human hair. Actually, at a glance I'd guess its almost the exact size as my LEGO version, but rendered at a significantly higher resolution. Now I have to wonder if I've been working with the wrong product all these years!

And in an ultimate act of utter double-mockery, Chris's also brings us a nanoblok version of a Mini-fig Stormtrooper. I know, I know... an off-brand brick-built rendition of a licensed theme mini-fig. He's basically giving you all the finger. We both are.

Ok, let's switch to a selection of older stuff from Chris' extensive catalog of character builds, each of which even comes with detailed building instructions. These characters need no introduction. This is pure blok-porn.

But this one, this one is going to blow your mind...


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lovely lady lumps

...uh-huh, uh-huh, in the back and in the front.

Created as a gift for a friend, spacer KnightFalls has done what I totally failed to do a couple of years back when I built my own Adventure Time characters... a convincing Lumpy Space Princess. Of course, now we all have bucket loads of those lavender bricks, dont' we? It figures. Ironically, as these bricks have become more commonplace, LSP's appearances in the show itself have become inexplicably rarer. What the GLOB is up with that, Frederator??


Friday, November 15, 2013


Ths is my tribute to the fucking awesome folks over at FilmCow, creators of Charlie The Unicorn, Llamas With Hats and The Magical Realm of Horse Man. Oh shit yeah, and these fucking awesome puppet videos too...


Keep up the fucking excellent work, guys!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Who's a pretty Polly, then?!

Sometimes a builder makes it look as though thin air is their canvas, and bricks are their paint, and the result is a three-dimensional oil painting. This is one of those times...

   Rainbow Lorikeet 3, a photo by qi_tah on Flickr.
Rainbow Lorikeet 3 by qi_tah 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Horsing around

Who are the cowboys in this lively Western scene by the mysterious vir-a-cocha? What is the nature of their disagreement? The builder gives little away. Were there really any ginger cowboys? Or were they all wiped out due to poor judgement involving the relative advantages of revolvers versus rifles? Let's hope so.

And what part did the poor horse play in this altercation? He is clearly doing his best to ease tensions between these two, but were his desparate hoof-flailing gestures tragically misinterpreted as a sign of aggression? We will never know.

(Actually the horse is not only beautifully proportioned but also fully articulated - check out the other pictures on the photostream to see him during happier times!)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My god, it's full of bricks

Ok, so let's keep tripping on old Sci-Fi movies why not?! Jason Allemann is known for building some seriously epic shit (much of which even moves about, and such). But his model of the Leonov from the movie 2010 gave me a warm fuzzy...

Apparently it's even dock-compatible with his equally satisfying Discovery build from That Other Movie With Monoliths In it...

And if I know Jason, no doubt he is currently working on a matching scale model of Jupiter to round out the entire diorama. Now, a few years back Jason also built this hilarious version of an establishing scene from the same movie...

Which recently inspired me to try and bring back the tradition of "invasions" at BrickCon this year...

At this point, if you can hear a sort of distant clacking sound, that'll be Arthur C. Clarke spinning in his grave!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'LL BE BACK! (...inside the same plot device 26 years from now)

Who doesn't love a good Arnie movie? Or can remember one? Ok, I confess I think all his movies are great. YOOAR CLOTHES, GIVE ZEM TOOO ME! But let's face it, how many Lego versions of the Terminator have we seen at this point? (...oh fuck, here comes another one). REMEMBER WHEN I ZAID I WOULD KILL YOU LAASZT? I LIED! So it's refreshing to see Nick Barrett take a fresh dip into Arnie's impressive corpus (of films) with this rendition of an iconic scene from 1987's The Running Man. COME WIZ ME, IF YOU WUANT TO LIVE!. Check out his photostream for more shots - it's a pretty impressive diorama. And then GET YOUA ASS TO MAAAARZ!.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Longest. Cigarette. Break. Ever.

Apologies for the long silence on this blog over October - it was a crazy month for me, both personally and professionally. But that's in the past now. And BrickCon happened too, which was fantastic! But draining. More on that in a later post (...oh, so much more).

Also, as it hurtles towards's its 5th anniversary, I think this blog is long overdue for a change of focus. The LEGO blog-o-sphere is pretty saturated with "cool build of the day" sites at this point, and Andrew's growing army over at TBB seems is really on the ball these days, so I don't have to worry about all those wonderful "character" builds going unnoticed any more!

This will free me up to focus on the dark underbelly of the LEGO community, stuff that might otherwise fly under the radar, as well as my own builds and other 'shenanegans'. The LEGO community is also generally way too civilized, so I think its time we brought a little more open critique and rampant negativity into the mix. So don't be suprised if I put on my Yahtzee hat from time to time and rip into bad builds, bad photograhy, or some full-on POV-Ray hating. Humor will be my garotte. Names will be named. Because controversy!

- Iain.

  No smoking, a photo by monsterbrick on Flickr.No smoking by monsterbrick